What is Elimination Communication?

Elimination Communication (EC) is an ancient practice of tuning in to a baby's elimination patterns and signals and responding to the baby's needs.  In this way, babies can live diaper-free!  Might sound crazy at first, but it's truly a beautiful thing!  Ingrid Bauer is an expert in the field - read more on her website.

Elie at 8 weeks

Elie at 8 weeks

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Verbal Signal?

Elie might have given a verbal signal tonight. I was putting him to sleep and he was 99% asleep but a little fidgety and I thought it was because he wasn't comfortable in the wrap and wanted to lie down. So I put him down on his tummy in the moses basket and he seemed like he might fall asleep, but then he started "blowing raspberries" (kind of blowing a noise with his tongue). I took him out and he peed. We'll see...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1 Week with no Poop Misses

So I made it the one week. No pee misses overnight. My only pee miss was (again) when Elie shifted in the carrier during a nap and woke up enough to pee. He also peed once right on Jeremy when he was standing on Jeremy's legs facing him diaper-free :) He hasn't peed on me in a long time. Not sure why it's happened to Jeremy twice in the past week.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Still no poop misses since last Wednesday. I did laundry today and there were no diapers in the wetbag for the first time! I've just been putting the pee undies in the regular laundry basket. Very exciting - one more day for a week. Probably shouldn't write that - I don't want to jinx it...

I haven't missed a nighttime pee in a while too. Seems like about the same amount of time - definitely close to a week. Daytime misses are 1-2. Today was 1. He semi-woke up for a few seconds to pee during a long nap in the mei tei while we were at Trader Joe's.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Krazy City

We went to another birthday party at Krazy City today. This was the first public toilet Elie pottied in and today he peed and pooped there again. It brought back memories :)


I just want to keep track of poop misses because we have so few lately. The last miss was on Wednesday, which I wrote about in the previous post. I'm going to see how long it is between poop misses. Seems like I have to be pretty dense to miss a poop. Most of the time, I can't even tell he has to go - he just does when he gets a pottytunity. Like today, we went to a birthday party in NJ from 10-1. He pooped once while we were there in the toilet when I took him (he hadn't signaled to poop) and then he just pooped when we got home - also no distress/poop signaling.

Friday, May 16, 2008

No more diapers

So I'm officially going diaper-free. I'm only going to use trainers and undies from now on. I started actually about a week ago and it's going fine. The past two days were really smooth with maybe one nighttime miss and one daytime miss. Today was worse - I missed a pee at LLL (I was cueing him to pee in a disposable, then when he didn't go, I stupidly put his trainer back on and nursed him and he peed as he was nursing), then I missed one when he woke up while we were waiting for the subway (I knew he needed to pee and bounced him a bit but couldn't get him to wait long enough - I wouldn't even have been able to pee him on the subway since we only had two stops - guess I could have peed him while waiting and just missed the train and waited for the next one, but I don't like being down in the subway...), then he peed once on Jeremy. He pooped about four times today though and I caught them all. I think the only poop I missed this week was Wednesday at night he was a little fussy as he was falling asleep in the wrap and came off the breast and I just thought he was gassy from over-nursing. Since he hasn't pooped late at night in a long time, I didn't even think it could be a poop. He finally pooped in the trainer and, in hindsight, he was definitely giving me clear signals, I was just letting timing get in the way of my ability to understand the signals...

So I've been doing Gerber and Under the Nile cloth trainers at home (day and night) and the Little Beetle and Poquitos out of the house.

Just a note about the poops - it seems like mostly he doesn't really signal for the poops, he just poops when he gets a pottytunity. Except in the morning - he often wakes up because he needs to poop and will frequently poop immediately upon waking and getting a pottytunity.

Friday, May 9, 2008

No misses - using signals

We had a miss free day so far (it's 7:15PM) today and I didn't look at my watch at all to help on the ECing! It's the first day I've gone miss free relying completely on signals. I can't really say what all the signals are, though. Some are very subtle and I can't even verbalize what they are, but they catch my attention and I get Elie on the potty. We were home all day, so that makes signals a lot easier since he was naked most of the day with a potty close at hand, so it's easy to go from signal to potty...

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Elie has been making some verbal signals recently (past week). I haven't quite figured them out exactly, but I do catch a lot based on the signals, I just can't quite say what they are. He also sort of makes a mmmm mmm sound while pooping some. I think it starts just before. Gotta get to sleep - more later.

Monday, May 5, 2008

5 Month Update

EC Update

* Age of EC tot: 5 months

* We started at...1.5 weeks, cueing from birth

* Generally speaking we are doing...very well. The ECing is becoming much more natural for me - I don't have to think about it so much to be miss-free (or close to it). I've gotten much better with poops since last month and rarely miss a poop now. He's only pooping twice a day now, which helps a lot!

* How do you know your baby has to go / when do you offer baby a wee?

timing: Just after waking up (poop-wise, he generally poops within an hour of waking in the morning and again within an hour of waking from his afternoon nap); he usually can pee about every 30 minutes in the morning and every hour or so in the afternoon if I try even without the signs below. I also pee him whenever I go pee (I sit him in front of me on the toilet) and after bath.

signs: Tightened tummy muscles; Completely calm - kind of looking into space; Legs shifting a bit (I only notice this when he's in the wrap); Squirming; Fussing; Crying (if we don't catch the other signs); Sometimes gas for poops; gumming the nipples when nursing; clearly not wanting to nurse when he's tired and would otherwise nurse to sleep - he'll kind of twist his head away from me. He has also started making verbal signals, but I don't know them well enough to verbalize yet. He's also started saying "mm mm" as he pees/poops sometimes.

* Is there a difference for poos and pees? For poops, we sometimes get gas and he is often very calm and stares into my eyes just before pooping. I can also feel the tightening of the tummy muscles more pre-poop. The gumming of the nipples is also more common and intense as a poop cue. And general unhappiness/fussiness when he needs to poop.

* What cues do you use?

I say psshhh for both pee and poop.

* Which positions/receptacles do you use?

Insert for Baby Bjorn potty (with my hand in front to help catch the pee); sitting on the Baby Bjorn insert on the regular toilet with me holding him under his arms and squatting in front of him; sink or tub (with hand in front). For out of the house: holding over a toilet with hand over penis, peeing into a prefold or disposable; the great outdoors!

* Nappies, training pants or other?

During the day: Poquito Pants, Little Beetle training pants, Gerber or Under the Nile training pants or diaper-free.
Night: Motherease diaper without cover or naked. I keep him naked some at night when I'm too lazy to put a diaper on him, but if I miss, it's a bummer b/c he doesn't really stay on his lambskin blanket anymore.

* What are you doing away from home?

Training pants - Poquito Pants or Little Beetle. I only use diapers when out if I'll be embarrassed to offer him a potty (like when looking at apartments recently)

* What are you doing at night?

Gerber or UTN training undies or naked (I use the undies because they're easiest to slip on/off). Now I'm using the lambskin blanket and don't bother with the prefolds usually anymore, since he moves around so much. Elie wakes up a bit and shifts around when he needs to pee and/or nurse, which generally wakes me up. I keep the BB insert in the corner of the bed and then dump the pee into a bowl on the floor when I'm done. Sometimes Elie actually pees without nursing - I put him down when I dump the potty and he either falls immediately back to sleep or he keeps squirming if he wants to nurse. I seem to have some miss-free nights or maybe one miss and other nights with all misses based on how tired I am, I presume.

* Who takes baby to the toilet?

Mostly me. Jeremy does it some.

* Catches or Misses - how many and what times are especially interesting?

The poop catches are going really smoothly. Seems like if I give him enough time on the potty soon after waking in the morning and again after nap, he'll poop.

* What's your next EC goal?

Want to improve my out-of-home ECing. I find it particularly hard to get back on track once I have a miss, since a miss is never a full emptying of the bladder, so there's another pee coming 5-10 mins later and usually another 5-10 mins after that, which is really hard to manage when I'm out and about.

* A tip for this age/stage?

Diaper-free or training pants instead of diapers helps to tune in.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Public ECing

It wasn't much, but I peed Elie before and after we shopped at Trader Joe's today in the little entranceway of the store. I just peed him into a disposable diaper. We have a pack from my FIL that we've never used on Elie, but I use for ECing out of the house. That way, it kind of looks like I'm just changing his diaper and I feel less weird about it.