What is Elimination Communication?

Elimination Communication (EC) is an ancient practice of tuning in to a baby's elimination patterns and signals and responding to the baby's needs.  In this way, babies can live diaper-free!  Might sound crazy at first, but it's truly a beautiful thing!  Ingrid Bauer is an expert in the field - read more on her website.

Elie at 8 weeks

Elie at 8 weeks

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Long period of dryness / receptacle

Today was Yoav's first Suzuki music class. I peed Elie before we left at 12:30. While we were gone, he mostly slept in the wrap, but he woke to nurse once and cried a little and nursed on the way home. When we arrived home, Elie's diaper wwas dry! I took him to pee in the bathtub and he peed and pooped right away.

On the receptacle issue, I've found a solution for the Bjorn potty insert - I put my hand just in front on the pee guard. Other than getting pee on my hand, this works perfectly!

Monday, January 28, 2008

8 Weeks

Today I caught all pees/poops from 8AM until 3:30PM. Over a 14 hour period, I missed 3 and caught 15. Not bad.

Main signals are: Fidgety; Fussy; Crying; If sleeping prior to peeing, sometimes he just wakes and pees and other times he nurses first and then pees a few minutes later.
Signals are really the same for pees and poops except that for a poop, Elie *tends* to be more agitated and sometimes passes gas.

Occasionally, I really see no signals for pees and I miss. These times, he seems very calm and relaxed to me and I really do not pick up on any signals (yet). Once today, he seemed to pee in his sleep, but he must have awoken and peed without any obvious signals.

These are my detailed notes for today (misses are labeled as such). I held him all day.
fidgety, fussy
9:02AM - pee
9:32AM - pee
9:52AM - pee
10:22AM - pee
sleep in wrap, woke up, fidgety, then nursed
12:08PM - pee, then poop
12:40PM - pee
sleep in wrap, woke up, nurse, burp
2:15PM - pee
sleep in wrap, woke up, nursed, almost fell back to sleep
3PM - pee
3:30PM - pee - MISS - was sleeping, stirred, peed and went back to sleep
fussy, fidgety
4:12PM - pee
sleep in wrap, woke up, nursed, after a few mins
5:15PM - pee
still fidgety
5:23PM - pee
6PM - pee - MISS - very calm, peed sitting in my lap
6:15PMish - pee - MISS - I was putting Yoav to sleep - Elie was agitated and I would have peed him if I could
slightly fidgety
6:35PM - pee
7:35PM - pee
8:20PM - pee
sleep, shift around
11:00PM - pee
still fidgety, poop a few mins later in BB insert

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pottied in a public toilet

Today was Elie's first time pottying in a public toilet. We went to a birthday party at a Krazy City in a mall and when we got there, I went to the bathroom to change Elie assuming I would just change a wet diaper, but it was dry! It had been about 3 hours since he'd last peed. I took Elie into a stall and held him over a toilet in potty position. He peed and pooped!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Forced me to pee him

Today at my friend Mo's house, Elie got fussy and didn't want to nurse and wasn't gassy. I felt funny going to the bathroom to pee him, though I suspected that's what he needed. But he continued to fuss/wiggle in the wrap until I finally went to the bathroom and he peed right away in the toilet. It was the first time I actually wanted him to pee in a diaper and he sort of pushed me to take him to pee in the potty.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

18 hours miss-free

We went 18 hours straight today without a miss - I think it's a record for us.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Diaper Free Night - No Misses!!

Today I was inspired by a woman on the AlwaysUnschooled list to try a diaper free night. Her blog is here:

Jeremy's traveling, so I decided to try going diaper free for a night. I got Elie's spot on the bed ready with my Bowron lambskin on the bottom, then a blanket, then a few prefolds, but he ended up sleeping on my tummy because I was really tired and couldn't get him to sleep any other way. I'm sure him sleeping on my tummy made the ECing easier. I peed him in bed into
the BB insert and then dumped the pee into a bowl on the side table so the insert would be ready for next time. Each time he peed, I'd make the pssshh noise quietly into his ear.

Friday, January 11, 2008

EC Update - 5 Weeks

* Age of EC tot: 5 weeks

* We started at...1.5 weeks, cueing from birth

* Generally speaking we are doing...pretty well. If I'm able to
focus, I can catch most pees/poops. He's only pooping once or twice a
day now (just in the past few days it went down from about five
times/day!) so that's making the poops a lot easier. And since there
isn't little bits of poops on dipes, I'm using a lot less dipes. Went
through about four dipes today - I've been using the same one for most
of the afternoon (it's 7pm now).

* How do you know your baby has to go / when do you offer baby a wee?

timing: Just after waking up, he likes to nurse and pee.

signs: he will cry and not want to nurse - since he mostly nurses,
sleeps and pees/poops, if he is awake and doesn't want to nurse, it's
often because he has to pee or poop

* Is there a difference for poos and pees? What cues do you use?

I say psshhh for both pee and poop. I think the signs are the same
but a little more upset when he has to poop

* Which positions/receptacles do you use?

Insert for Baby Bjorn potty

* Nappies, training pants or other?

Flats and prefolds with EC belt

* What are you doing away from home?

Haven't been away much - used the same dipes but with a wool cover.

* What are you doing at night?

Same diaper system - taking him to pee (some) in the bathtub; often
too tired and he pees in the diaper and I change it as soon as I

* Who takes baby to the toilet?

Me and Jeremy has tried a few times - got the timing right, but never
got Elie to pee/poop yet.

* Catches or Misses - how many and what times are especially interesting?

Sometimes I think he needs to go but don't want to/can't break from
Yoav and he goes in the dipe. Also, sometimes I have a problem
whereby I don't hold him in a comfortable enough position and he
doesn't fully empty his bladder and then he pees some more a few
minutes later once I put a diaper on him :(

* What's your next EC goal? (& how did you go with your last goal?)

I want to spend more diaper free time. Now I do some diaper free in
the evenings. I tried twice diaper free at night, but it was too
stressful for me - I didn't get enough sleep and he wet through a few
towels that I then had to add to the laundry...