What is Elimination Communication?

Elimination Communication (EC) is an ancient practice of tuning in to a baby's elimination patterns and signals and responding to the baby's needs.  In this way, babies can live diaper-free!  Might sound crazy at first, but it's truly a beautiful thing!  Ingrid Bauer is an expert in the field - read more on her website.

Elie at 8 weeks

Elie at 8 weeks

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dry Night

Elie was dry from 10:30PM (when I went to sleep and peed him) until 6:30AM! I don't know if he even woke to nurse - I only know he was dry because his pee bowl was empty in the morning.

It's getting to be so easy for both of us. I've been out of the house several times recently with Elie diaperless or even naked with no backups with me.

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